Maze Magic – Development Update #1

A Maze Game That Moves With You

We’re excited to announce a new maze game that has already gotten a lot of development steam: Maze Magic!

Sounds very exciting, right? It is!

Maze Game Corner TileMaze Game Teleport Spell

In this game, you will twist and turn the maze around you in an attempt to escape a magical dungeon. You will cast spells to stop your opponents and be the first (and only) wizard to get out. Each turn, players will accumulate spell cards, as well as be able to twist tiles, move them into empty spaces, and control a vicious monster who seeks to stop you from exiting his domain (preferably by eating). Seek out magic-rich tiles in order to rotate or relocate twice in a turn!

For another way to play, you can work together as a team to see if everyone can escape, while another player controls one monster per player!

Every game can be vastly different as dealers control the game grid’s layout from start to finish. Rules can be changed to deny tile-turning or similar.

Check out more information about the game here, and stay tuned for more!