What Is It?

The unfortunate truth of the game is this: Everyone is Dying! Each round, a Countdown puts you closer to losing the game. Each Countdown space offers a different effect to help or hinder you in your goal of surviving. The only way to counter the Countdown is to play cards that push you back, or push everyone else forward.

Be careful, because each card you play changes your Fate. Those who play beneficial cards will gain positive Fate (and hopefully good things will come), but those who seek to destroy will gain negative Fate (and bad things WILL happen)!

Players can play Hex cards that stay with the person they’re played on, or Actions, which are single-use cards. Whoever a Hex is played on is given the Fate modifier. Whoever plays an Action keeps the Action card for its Fate modifier.

What Does The Deck Contain?

  • 10 Countdown Cards
  • 20 Positive Fate Cards
  • 16 Negative Fate Cards
  • 8 Neutral Fate Cards

Though there are different numbers of positive and negative Fate cards, the game is balanced to have an equal total of both points.

Who Is The Game Recommended For?

The game is recommended for 2-4 players. The more players, the longer the game. Ages 10 and up.

Development Stage

Everyone is Dying is in alpha development.