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What Is It?

Have you ever wanted to get elected? Well, now you can, thanks to the aptly named Elected! card game. Designed around using your brain, charisma, morality, and money to win the election, you will battle harder than ever before to become the most loved and most hated member of the Districts. Spend time campaigning in a variety of locations, each with special and unique types. Buy your way to the top. Hamper your opponents. Wear fancy items.

You were born to be the Leader. Unfortunately, so were the other players. Now, earn your title!

How Do I Play?

Each player is dealt a Candidate card. This represents you as you play the game. Each Candidate has a distinct stat level for Intelligence, Charm, Religion, and Money. The stats, except for money, are used to base your ability to use certain Campaign Cards, or how effective they are. The Money stat indicates that, each turn, you have that much money to spend. Candidates also start with a unique number of influence in Districts of their corresponding party.

District Cards are then distributed (however many you desire) in a grid. This becomes your “map” of your country.

Players will start their turn by finding out which Districts they have the most influence in. For that turn, they acquire the Money provided by each of those Districts.

Then, with knowledge of available Money, they begin their turn. First, they will Campaign (gain 1 influence in a District of their choice). Each Candidate has different abilities regarding the gaining of influence. Some gain extra influence in areas, some will gain influence in other areas when influence is gained in an area of a certain type, and some will steal influence from others.

After campaigning, the player has the option to play 1 Campaign Card per turn. This helps you gain influence, hamper opponents, get cards or Money, and more. Other cards, such as Surge Cards, Counters, and Equipment, may be used whenever their conditions are met.

Collect as much influence in the Districts as you can, but always remember the goal: get the most votes. Each District has a corresponding number of votes that it gives. The player with the most votes at the end of the game becomes the Leader. Gaining 6,000 influence in one District will not beat gaining 20 influence in three separate Districts!

What Does The Deck Contain?

  • 8 Candidate Cards – one male, one female each of four different parties
  • 16 District Cards – each unique, they provide different votes and Money, and have different ways of boosting influence
  • 20 Campaign Cards – used to gain more influence, hamper opponents, and more
  • 12 Equipment Cards – for boosting your stats
  • 8 Counter Cards – stop or destroy certain cards
  • 8 Surge Cards – for temporarily boosting stats

Who Is The Game Recommended For?

The game is recommended for 2-6 players. Ages 13 and up.