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What Is Deal With It Card Game?

Deal With It Card Game is fast and fun, with ever-changing rules. Similar to Uno, players get rid of their hand by playing cards with the same number or color as others. Each player has their own stack, and whatever is on top of the stack determines the rules.

Some cards ban the playing of cards (such as odds or evens), some cause chaotic effects (like seat swapping or drawing), and some are beneficial (like ignoring all card effects). You’ll need to outsmart your opponents if you want to win!

How Do I Play?

Here is a simple explanation video of the game. Also, see the rules here!

What Does The Deck Contain?

  • 2x Set of Yellow Numbers (1-9)
  • 2x Set of Green Numbers (1-9)
  • 2x Set of Blue Numbers (1-9)
  • 2x Set of Red Numbers (1-9)
  • 8x Skip Cards (2 of each color) – Special
  • 10x Wildcards – Special

Skip cards can be played on cards of their color or other skips. They don’t have a value, so they can be played on any number. When played, they cause whoever owns that stack to skip a turn. That means if you play it on your own stack, you skip a turn!

Wildcards can be played on anything and anything can be played on them. Very handy! Also very dangerous.

Who Is The Game Recommended For?

The game is recommended for 2-4 players (4 seems optimal). The more players, the more active rules. The more rules, the more difficult it becomes to follow them. Ages 10 and up.