What Is It?

It’s chess. Plain and simple. Except, these units aren’t what you’re used to. These are more like trading card units, each with their own special abilities!

Pawns, bishops, rooks, knights, queens, and kings all move and behave like you’d expect in a basic sense (movement and capturing), but some can target faraway pieces, some have protections, and some don’t even move at all!

Chess Champions takes the strategy of chess and pumps it up!

How Do I Play?

We’re still figuring that all out, but basically, you’ll be playing chess. Just be sure to know your enemy!

The color of your deck represents the kind of play style you’ll have. There are four colors in Chess Champions: White, Black, Blue, and Red.

White focuses on defense and survivability.
Black focuses on raw power.
Blue focuses on board control.
Red focuses on quick strikes, kamikaze attacks, and explosion effects.

What Does The Deck Contain?

We know that a “deck” will consist of 16 cards – 8 pawns, 2 each of bishops, knights, and rooks, and one king and queen.

There are multiple colors to choose as your deck base. You will have all pieces of one color (white, black, blue, and red).

There will also be a game mat/board available to help maintain the grid.

Who Is The Game Recommended For?

The game is recommended for 2 players (3 & 4 may eventually become options). Recommended age is whenever a player feels comfortable with chess. We recommend around 13+ for this game.

Development Stage

Chess Champions is in concept-creation.