What Is It?

The goal is simple: don’t lose.

The execution? That’s a little more difficult. Just about every card in this game is designed to make you or someone else lose. But, play your cards right and you just might be the last one standing.

How Do I Play?

The gameplay is simple. Start with 4 cards each, and draw a card on every turn. Players play 1 card per turn, but cards that can be played at specific times are free. Each turn, players use what’s in their hand to try to make people lose. Players counter people’s cards with effects that turn the game around, and whoever avoids being targeted probably wins. Of course, sitting back and waiting won’t win you the game, so find the right balance between being aggressive and letting everyone else duke it out!

The beauty is in trying to survive people’s card effects by making sure to draw cards (but be careful, there are traps!) and getting those good, defensive ones, while striking when you know people don’t have a way to defend!

What Does The Deck Contain?

  • 36 cards, most of which cause people to lose.

Seriously, that’s it.

Who Is The Game Recommended For?

The game is recommended for 2-4 players. Gameplay should take under 5 minutes for most games. Repeated games can be done very quickly.

Development Stage

1000 Ways to Lose is in alpha development.