Deal of the Day – Dodgeball Interactive – June 19, 2017

TODAY ONLY – Deal of the Day on DriveThruCards!

Grab your Print ‘n’ Play version of Dodgeball Interactive Card Game for 70% off! This is a fantastic way to print your own cards with your local printer and SAVE on both the cost of the game and shipping!

Get the Print ‘n’ Play Version Deal here!

Why would I use Print ‘n’ Play?
1. “PnP” is a handy way to test games before buying by printing on cheap paper to get a feel for how the game would work.
2. “PnP” comes directly to you as a print-ready PDF that can be taken to a local printer. This avoids shipping costs, and can be printed on your budget.
2.5 Drive Thru Cards has many great features that save money in the long run. One way that they do save is on rulebooks (they don’t print them). Using your own printer, you can take the rulebook that comes with the download and print that off, too, so everything is right in reach.

Grab the PnP Version for only $1.50 today!

Or, you can get the cards from DriveThruCards for $9.99 for the Large Version or $7.99 for the Advanced (smaller cards) Version.

Please keep in mind you will need a ping-pong ball to play this game!

The way these cards are done will not allow me to provide ping-pong balls to you with the game. A simple 1-star ball out of any local market will be okay, as the game doesn’t require you to be smacking the thing around.