Beholder Fact: Beholder is a sole proprietorship – a one man show! That is not to say, of course, that David Fairbanks doesn’t have help. He utilizes the resources of close friends, relatives, and others to bring you the games you know and love.

Officially started in late 2016, the project began about six months earlier with the concept of Diamond Dig. While working at a print shop, he toyed around with the idea of printing playing cards. He worked the concept of creating a playing field as the turns went, which finally became the beta of Diamond Dig. Having access to printing materials helped the creative process along.

Unfortunately, the time at the print shop ended. The store disappeared, but the dream did not. Finding online resources such as DriveThruCards and TheGameCrafter, David once again began to print his own cards. Now, at age 27, he is launching games on KickStarter, building a backing of loyal fans, and living his dream.

David Fairbanks - Beholder Games